Spell Checker on this site

  Pamy 17:36 07 Jan 08

Hello everyone, my spelling as you may be aware is awful, is there any way to have a spell checker available for use on this site when creating a new subject and replying to one?

  rawprawn 17:39 07 Jan 08
  Koochy 17:42 07 Jan 08

If you are using firefox it has one built in but you do have to download the U.K. English dictionary as its default is U.S. English


  Pamy 17:50 07 Jan 08

Downloaded spell checker from your link rawprawn, but cannot find it to use

  anskyber 17:52 07 Jan 08

If you are IE7 then add the icon to the toolbar. You may have to unlock the toolbar and drag it to the left to reveal it.

  anskyber 17:54 07 Jan 08

OOps its called command bar of course, right click on a part of it to get customise if the dragging does not reveal it.

  johnnyrocker 17:56 07 Jan 08

it should be in c/prog files ie spell.


  Pamy 18:06 07 Jan 08

yes I am on ie7 , found tool bar and just checking spellchcker out.

As you can see it could not correct spell checker above but its got to be better than me. Thanks rawprawn and others for help

  Technotiger 18:11 07 Jan 08

I am using Firefox - Spell check did correct spellchcker for me!

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