Speedtouch 580 help?

  euan-grr 00:55 21 Apr 06

hi folks,

i'm desperately seeking some help... i've recently bought a speedtouch 580 in an attempt to go wireless, but seem to be in a similar boat to one of the other posts - in so far as it doesn't seem to broadcast any radio signal.

My wireless card is working as it is picking up neighbouring networks, but for some reason it wont pick up my one.

If anyone has any ideas on how what i'm doing wrong - it;s probably something basic and obvious - then please, please let me know. I would welcome any ideas.

Also, if Bedazzled who posted something similar last week had any joy, then i'd be very interested to hear what had happened.

Thanks y'all.

  mgmcc 08:30 21 Apr 06

A router normally has options to turn the radio capability On/Off and to turn broadcasting of its SSID On/Off. Are both of these functions set correctly.

Also, some routers can be set to connect with "B", "G" or "Mixed" (meaning 802.11b, 802.11g or both), so this needs to be set correctly for your Wireless Adapter.

  Bedazzle 13:35 25 Apr 06

Hi Euan

My problem was that my laptop's wireless function had not been turned on.

On my laptop I had to press Fn (bottom left corner of keyboard) and F2(Top left corner) together for a few seconds.

Hopes this helps


  euan-grr 18:44 25 Apr 06


Thanks for your advice, after trying it a few times, it seems as though my wireless is on but unfortunately, this hasn't solved the problem...

My laptop will pick up the other networks in the area but just has no record of mine.

Also, thanks mgmcc, i've searched around through the options on my router but still to no avail. can't find anything that will switch the radio signal on - that isn;t already set to on...

Any other suggestions would be welcomed though...

Thanks Again


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