speedtouch 576 router setup! please help!

  diwlsn 20:08 26 Jul 06

hi guys, i have just bought a speedtouch 576 modem router wireless, and it only cam with an aol disk, i need to set it up using virgin.

can anyone help me out?

thanks x

  ade.h 20:17 26 Jul 06

Firstly, this belongs in networking. Secondly, take your Virgin settings together with the standard UK ADSL settings and enter them into the router's config UI as per the instruction manual.

  diwlsn 20:20 26 Jul 06

whwew do i find "router's config UI" sorry about the networking! thanks x

  diwlsn 20:20 26 Jul 06

whwew do i find "router's config UI" sorry about the networking! thanks x

  ade.h 20:25 26 Jul 06

Enter the router's IP into your browser's address bar.

  diwlsn 20:29 26 Jul 06

i tried that but it just keeps asking me to connect to the internet! how do i do it?

  ade.h 20:37 26 Jul 06

Read this click here Scroll down to the bullet points.

  diwlsn 21:06 26 Jul 06

thanks so much i will give it a go tomorrow! i've had enough for one day! i'm on my second vodka and coke! thanks again i will let you know how i get on cheers have a nice night x

  diwlsn 22:03 26 Jul 06

hi ya i just tried setting it to never dial a connection and i keyed in click here but it just keeps aslinh me to connect to the internet, i got this off the pds file i got online at click here

its driving me mad!

thanks for all your time x

  ade.h 22:31 26 Jul 06

If you chose to never dial a connection, then the PC cannot possibly be asking you to connect.

The datasheet is just that: a specification sheet. (By the way; try to avoid giving links that go directly to file downloads).

Are you sure that you have the correct IP?

  ade.h 22:32 26 Jul 06

And the router is connected to the client via RJ45 cable I assume? You need to do that unless you use a Voyager.

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