From speedtouch 330 to netgear wgr614

  jonbee1 16:13 18 Dec 07

HI guys,

sorry if i've started another thread on this subject, but i was just wondering i have a speedtouch 330 usb modem at the moment and am upgrading to a wireless netgear wgr614. How would i go about connecting my new wireless router to my current tiscali broadband?

many thanks.

  retep888 16:24 18 Dec 07

You'll need this for your adsl broadband

click here

You've got a wrong router

  jonbee1 17:06 18 Dec 07

ahhh noooo. Is there anyway i can connect my speedtouch to the wireless router?

  retep888 03:21 19 Dec 07

No,I'm afraid you can't.

You'll have to return it to where you got it from and get one that I showed you or similar.

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