Jaceey 10:31 09 Dec 07

After connecting with the speedtouch connection a little tv screen icon appears in the task bar near the clock. I like to see this to know whether I am online or not, and I usually disconnect from there. It doesn`t show anymore how can I get it back please.

  iscanut 10:38 09 Dec 07

Go to Control Panel, select Network Connections, look for Speedtouch icon and then right click on it to get Properties. Look at the bottom of the window and make sure the box is ticked against " Show icon in notification area when connected ".

  Jaceey 10:53 09 Dec 07

How on earth did the check disappear in the first place - its always shown before and I didn`t uncheck it.
Anyway thank you for that Nuts its sorted and back now.

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