Speedtest. net result is very jerky.

  john bunyan 17 Jun 13

I use Speedtest.net to check my ISP speed. I am getting about 9.5 to 10 mbps on a 8mbps package, which is fine (Pipex - Talk Talk). However these days, when I do the test, the ping is smooth but the download speed result is very jerky the needle jumps around (up to 50 mbps)then quite low. A final result is declared at 9.9 or so. I wonder why it seems to exhibit this behaviour whereas a while ago it was quite smooth?

  Woolwell 17 Jun 13

I wonder if it is the test server. Have you tried a different one after the first test?

  john bunyan 17 Jun 13

Thanks. Tried another server - same result. I have noticed that my phone line (only me to a telegraph post just outside gate) is being a bit battered by tree branches. The owner of the lane is difficult to contact, and the join in the line is high (about 25 meters ). Openreach do not clear branches on private land, so I will see if I can use my extending clipper to do something.

  LastChip 17 Jun 13

Don't get paranoid about speed tests. They will vary throughout the day (second by second) depending upon how much traffic is on the Internet at any given time.

If I had your average speed, I'd be be very happy indeed. So if I were you, I'd sit back and enjoy what you've got.

  john bunyan 17 Jun 13


Thanks, I will!

  Mr Mistoffelees 17 Jun 13

I don't think there is any such thing as truly reliable and accurate online BB speed tester.

  john bunyan 17 Jun 13


That one gave 1. A speed of 31000kbps 2. A speed of 16000kbps, Again the needle was jerky. Think I will not worry and stick to my usual speedtest.net, as the bbmax one is surely too optimistic.Thanks anyway.


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