Speeding up my PC

  ponytail 18 Feb 12

My PC is very slow at present and I would like to try and speed it up myself rather than take it to my local computer shop.I have Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and it is scanned regular I also run CC cleaner regular.Can anyone suggest ways of speeding up a PC.It is possible there may be a virus or viruses on there.It would be nice to be able to do it myself.Any advice appreciated.

  matt2000 18 Feb 12

No viruses. Use Advanced system care and defraggler from iobit.com and piriform.com. What os is your system using?

  buteman 18 Feb 12

If you only have Kaspersky give Malwarebytes a run to see what it finds.

  buteman 18 Feb 12

Did you have another Anti-Virus program running before Kaspersky and was it removed properly using the removal tool from the Internet.

  ponytail 18 Feb 12

Hi matt2000 I am using XP Professional

  ponytail 18 Feb 12

Hi Buteman I did have Bullguard but when it ran out I changed to Kaspersky.If it was not removed properly and it might not have been what do I do now

  buteman 18 Feb 12

You can do a search and type in bullguard on your computer to see what it finds if anything.

Using its own uninstaller or using add remove sometimes leaves part of it still on the computer which have to be removed.

I would try Malwarebytes first.If you only have Kaspersky you need something else to back it up.


  onthelimit1 18 Feb 12

Check to see how much RAM is fitted - right click My Computer the Properties. Although it will run after a fashion on 512Mb, XP is much faster with 2 Gb.

  ponytail 18 Feb 12

Hi onthelimit1 it has 2gb of ram

  Kalb 18 Feb 12

You say you would like to try and speed up your PC......has it got significantly slower recently ?....if so then follow the advice already given If you wish to make the PC run faster than it does normally then with 2GB of Ram you could change the Virtual memory setting to whatever your machine recommends

  buteman 18 Feb 12

Once again if you only have Kaspersky maybe worth while spending £13 on the Pro lifetime version of Malwarebytes.



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