Speedfan - Help Please

  Hercules02 15:26 26 Aug 06

I installed speedfan from the magazine and I am having some trouble understanding it
How do you know which fans are 1 2 and 3 ?
Also what do temps 1 2 3 and 4 refer to?
I have an AMD Athlon XP 2100+ processor and the GEForce4 TI 420 has a separate fan.
Ive havent altered speedfans config, and temp3 reads 81-82c. is this referring to the processor temp ?
My board is the Gigabyte GA-7VRXP.

  JayDay 15:30 26 Aug 06

How weird. I downloaded it last night and had the same problem. I used Motherboard Monitor instead click here which I found more user friendly.

  Hercules02 18:18 26 Aug 06

Thanks JayDay. I downloaded it, and it is better. I followed the links to try to get more info about my boards sensor chip, but it came up in German/Dutch? and I couldnt understand it. Also, the links to the website and forum didnt work. ("Page cant be displayed")

  rdave13 18:30 26 Aug 06

Try this click here ,click tools > environment monitor.

  Hercules02 15:09 28 Aug 06

Thanks RDave
The link you provided leads to several tool categories (all-in-one, internet etc), but I couldnt find an environment monitor program under any of them.

  rdave13 15:26 28 Aug 06

Sorry if I wasn't clear about this. The link is for sisoftware sandra lite 2007. Just download the program and run it.In that program tick the tools tab and then the environment monitor.

  Hercules02 20:38 29 Aug 06

Thanks Rdave.
Ive got it working now. The first time I tried your link, I didnt get to the page you intended, which confused me. Alls well now.

Thanks everyone for your help.

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