speed with and without telephone.

  elbecko 06:50 21 Feb 11

my isp plan with netspace is supposed to give me 1500Kbps.
while i know its not really realistic to expect it to be dead on that speed, i'd like more than i'm actually getting.

presently i only get around 500Kbps.
however, when i unplug the telephone line from the wall socket, the speed goes up dramatically.
without the phone i'm getting 1290Kbps.

is this a common problem?
is there a way to retain the higher speed without having to unplug the phone?


  mooly 07:24 21 Feb 11

Are you using microfilters ? or does the socket have them built in. These are essential. Every device other then the ADSL router must be fitted with these.

If yes then I suggest you replace as they can be faulty.

click here

Also check out the second link in this help thread,

click here

  961 09:07 21 Feb 11

As Mooly says you really need an i-plate or similar so that your BT master socket has separate plugs for your house phone and your broadband circuit

The wiring in most houses hides faults such as earth leaks and general electrical interference. Added to that many micro filters have limited shelf life and need replacing

A separate broadband connection removes all these problems and, as you see, enables speeds much nearer what you should be getting

  elbecko 15:43 21 Feb 11

thank you for your help.

i have a filter[which is pretty old], between the telephone and the wall socket, but haven't one on the ADSL line from my router to the wall socket.
so i'll get a couple of microfilters this week.

i've rarely ever tested my speed in the past, so i expect the speed-loss has been present for the last few years without me knowing it!
i never realized the filters were so important.

thanks again.

  mooly 19:26 21 Feb 11

This might help explain it better...
click here

  woodchip 20:06 21 Feb 11

May be the ringer wire needs removing in master socket have a read click here

  elbecko 22:12 21 Feb 11

i've made a mistake!

i forgot to mention that as well as unplugging the telephone line, i also unplugged the foxtel[cable tv] digipath[tm] unit. that enables me to order pay per view shows via the remote control, and one or two other things.
i didn't really give this much thought, i was solely concentrating on the 'phone line.

however, i've discovered that if i leave the 'phone connected and just unplug the cable from this unit that goes to the main 'phone socket, i can still achieve the faster adsl speed.

i'm sorry i didn't give you all the correct information earlier, i just didn't imagine that this particular cable would be relevant.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:34 22 Feb 11

put a filter on every line

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