speed test for broadband

  BIGXXH 21:16 12 Jul 13

Hi All

Please could anybody out there give me a reliable speed test website as my broadband seems to be going slower and slower and i need a good speed test and a reliable one to tell my provider what my actual speed is,i know that it fluctuates with the traffic on the line and how far from the exchange but i am only 150 yards from the exchange and it's slow 2.9Mbs that's the average

                           Thanks in Advance

  rdave13 21:26 12 Jul 13

Without knowing your supplier,


Otherwise speedtest isn't too bad as you can choose which server you download from.

  spuds 00:46 13 Jul 13

The two suggested above are usually recommended by ISP's for checking purpose for their reliability.

I also use JD's Auto Speed Tester, which works well and also stores information.

  nickf 00:53 13 Jul 13

Speedtest.net , works for me , seems to be pretty spot on too .

  BIGXXH 11:51 13 Jul 13

Hi All

Sorry a bit late getting back to you but thanks for the help.Have got two speeds now with which i can argue that my speed is low.

                      Thanks Again 

  spuds 12:07 13 Jul 13

BT OpenReach should be able to supply the 'line capacity' speed, giving a better indication to what you should get or expect. All ISP's have to provide information to the speeds they can supply, and not the old method or promises of 'upto'.

I had a number of speed and connection problems, the ISP stated that there was nothing wrong, yet they were stating the line or package was 'upto' 10MB, I was very lucky to get 1MB at tops. BT OpenReach became involved, and said the line was capable of 6MB maximum. After quite a lot of communications, BT, the ISP (TalkTalk) did a lot of work on lines and equipment, plus constant checks, and I eventually got the 6MB promised, and still do on most occasions.

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