Speed up gaming

  SimonJLewis 15:03 06 Jun 07

Sorry if this is covered somewhere else but I couldn't see anything.

I need to maximise the speed of my PC as it is getting a little old (nearly 3 years) and is starting to struggle to play some games even at low detail.

Is there a way I can boot up so nothing is running that doesn't need to be i.e. the annoying Norton 360 (I'm playing offline).

Thanks, Simon.

  citadel 19:17 06 Jun 07

get a better graphics card and add more memory. graphics card is the most important. if you have plenty of ram you do not need to disable anything.

  Devil Fish 19:34 06 Jun 07

win xp click start / run type in the box msconfig click the start up tab at the top from here you can stop programs starting up as a rule of thumb if it is anything to do with windows leave well alone most other stuff should be safe to stop but if you are still unsure ask or leave it

  Devil Fish 19:35 06 Jun 07

msconfig and click ok even

  wolfie3000 22:28 06 Jun 07

Well best bet is more ram and better gfx card,
But if you dont want to spend any moeny do as the others said with the msconfig,

Also check at the game makers sites for patches and also update gfx card drivers.

Some games have frame limiters in them untick it if the game has one.

  SimonJLewis 00:53 07 Jun 07

Thanks a lot. Any recommendations for a reasonably priced graphics card. I have the ATI Radeon X600 at the moment.

  amomddy 04:34 07 Jun 07

t mobile sidekick 3
click here

  wee eddie 10:43 07 Jun 07

but still a Resource Hog. So I'd better not comment as I wouldn't give it House-room if I were a Gamer.

How much RAM have you and which OS are you running?

  SimonJLewis 12:55 07 Jun 07

I'm on XP and have half a gig of memory.

amomddy - Isn't sidekick a phone?

at least double your ram up, will make a vast difference. i have upgraded pretty much everything on my pc but the most notable difference is more ram plus i dont know any modern game that doesnt stutter with 512mb, remember min specs are just that bare minimum, most games love 2 gb of ram.
click here

  wee eddie 13:22 07 Jun 07

to run normal Office Tasks.

I think that, as a Gamer, you could benefit for a boost there. Maybe an extra 1GB

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