speed bit

  March Wind 31 May 12

Do I need Speed bit on my PC

  johndrew 01 Jun 12

It would be helpful if you told us why you think you may need it.

  March Wind 01 Jun 12

A message came up on my PC saying it would be better if I downloaded speed bit whilst watching Utube

  johndrew 01 Jun 12

Sounds as if someone is trying to sell you software. Unless Utube is giving problems in speed terms, I would suggest you ignore the message. This applies to any other unsolicited 'offers' you may get of a similar nature.

If Utube is slow (unlikely) then it may be caused by other factors, such as connection loading and software, such as that advertised, is unlikely to help.

  ams4127 01 Jun 12

It appears to be a download accelerator.


As johndrew if Youtube is working alright, ignore the message.

  March Wind 03 Jun 12

I uninstalled Speedbit with Revo but it couldn't find IXPLORE.EXE. It said to click on Start then click on Search. I didn't do this I continued on with Revo and uninstalled. But when I clicked on Start All Programmes Speedbit was still there under Speedbit Video Accelerator(2) and Speedbit Speedbit Video Downloader(2). What should I do now?

  Nontek 04 Jun 12

Right-click on those entries in All Programs and then click on Delete! Those entries are just the names of the program, which you have already uninstalled with Revo.

  sunnystaines 04 Jun 12

i use speedbit helps prevent buffering when watch youtube etc

  March Wind 05 Jun 12

Thank you I deleted. They have gone but I could open something up on those 2 speedbits, I think it was advertising but both gone now. Thank you to every one. I would put a green tick in but I click on the tick and nothing happens

  Nontek 05 Jun 12

Click on a tick and then on Post at the bottom.

  March Wind 09 Jun 12

Speedbit is still in "C" in My Programmes files. I cannot see it in Revo or in Add/Remove. If I send it to the recycle bin, then delete. Do you think all to do with Speedbit will be gone from my PC? It was to do with trying to get me to buy it.


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