jwv4 02:11 21 Jun 07

does anyone know of a good (free) p.c. optimizer for a faster computer? i have 5 anti-spyware which load at start and it seems to take forever, or is that just the way it is when you want your computer protected? thanks in advance.

  AndySD 02:25 21 Jun 07

I just have the firewall and antivirus running and scan once a week or so with an antispyware program and have only had one difficult problem in 9 years on the web.

  jwv4 02:32 21 Jun 07

are you saying i run to many anti-spyware programs? i've had my xp re-loaded already because of spy-ware, adware, ect. and have only owned the computer 4 months. should'nt i run more than one?

  AndySD 03:02 21 Jun 07

If you are running a good firewall and antivirus then try using Opera click here (my personal choice)or Firefox click here as your browser (and only one spyware program if you are worried). I dont use intenet explorer very often at all now as its not the most secure web browser.

Remember you dont need them to load at startup, you can always start them manually (Start -->All Programmes)at any time.

Also have a look here click here at using the 'System Configuration Utility' to stop some things loading at startup. click here and search out the entries in the startup tab.

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