Speech Recognition Software

  monkeyshine 00:25 19 May 03

It would help immensely if, when using the above, posts were proof read before posting. Might make posts more intelligible.

  jazzypop 00:26 19 May 03

Examples, please?

  monkeyshine 00:31 19 May 03

I think most people are aware of the posts where Speech recognition is used, but this is one - As it got it's own Mains Adapter. If not that's the Prob

  jazzypop 00:38 19 May 03

Errrm - Ok. I'm just puzzled how you reach the conclusion that speech recognition is the culprit. I make more than my fair share of typo's, but I don't use speech recognition software.

It usually happens for me if I am too engrossed in the problem-solving side of things to remember to spell-check before posting, or if I am distracted by the family 'happenings' around me.

  monkeyshine 00:43 19 May 03

Spellchecking will only pick up wrongly spelled words, not grammatiical mistakes. Since I seem to be in a minority of one, I have closed this.

  powerless 00:48 19 May 03


  monkeyshine 00:52 19 May 03

Big deal, that is a typo, Speech Recognition would not have made it, a spell check would have recognised it.

  jazzypop 00:54 19 May 03


P.S. I can ask my spellchecker to search for grammatical errors - but I not choose it too

  monkeyshine 01:02 19 May 03

Anyway what the hell is wrong with grammatical?

  powerless 01:07 19 May 03

It does not matter if there are spelling mistakes in a posting.

As long as it makes sense that is all that matters. As to "As it got it's own Mains Adapter. If not that's the Prob" I know which post you are referring to and it made sense to me.

  monkeyshine 01:10 19 May 03

Wonderful, good for you. BTW what is wrong with grammatical?

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