Speech Recognition software

  Killo Bite 19:45 25 Nov 07

Could a PCA Forum user please recomend a voice recognition software please. For XP Home SP2

  rossgolf 19:55 25 Nov 07

microsoft has one in control panel>speech> it should be the first tab if you have it installed

  Killo Bite 20:13 25 Nov 07

I was wondering if one called Dragon naturally speaking is upto the job ?

  bluto1 21:43 25 Nov 07

If you're looking for something on the lines of "you talk, it types" then I recommend Via Voice. It's from ScanSoft. I've not yet used it but it is apparently a good kit.

  Killo Bite 21:45 25 Nov 07

I will have a look at that.

  €dstowe 21:52 25 Nov 07

I've looked at most incarnations of speech recognition programs and invariably found them disappointing. They are a vast improvement no over what they used to be but, even so, I find that a lot of time is spent correcting errors in the text it transcribes that it is only just advantageous to use it rather than typing the whole thing yourself.

The latest versions may be better but, I'm not holding out a lot of hope.

  bluto1 13:34 26 Nov 07

One important aspect of this subject must be the regional accents of the UK. Some are very pronounced, after all we don't all have an Oxford accent, and two people from the same area will pronounce words differently. So I wonder if these programmes are set up to an "average" accent?

  stylehurst 13:53 26 Nov 07

For what its worth I found Dragon to be very good, I was using V8 & I understand V9 is even better. I used it when I developed RSI.
Via Voice is now owned by Dragon & no development is taking place; V10 had conflict problems with Norton products I suspect that these have not been cured. Solution offered at the time was to un install Norton

  Sparkly 15:51 26 Nov 07

I also use Dragon naturally speaking V8, V9 is on my xmas list this version they say is out of the box and instant voice recognition with minimale voice training i would not be without it,treat yourself.

  kjrider 17:27 26 Nov 07

I used to demo it at PC World, both Via Voice and the dragon some while back.
Both are good, and with faster PCs with more memory, they should work better.

Make sure that you have a reasonable headset, with the mic close to you so there is no ambient noise picked up.

You'Train' your PC by reading out a short story, so that it know how you speak the variuos words, so accents, etc, don't matter. The more you use it, the better you will get. I think that Via Voice does have the edge, but I am talking of what I used a couple of years back.

Have fun


  bluto1 19:03 26 Nov 07

Thats good info from 'stylehurst' and 'kjwriter'.
It's obvious that my discs need upgrading.

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