Specialist printing

  Dragon_Heart 22:02 07 Oct 10

I need to print a 'contact sheet' of photographs 70mm x 45mm to fit in photo frame windows.

Any ideas about some free software etc ?

  jack 09:41 08 Oct 10

A free be with limited capability is
click here

This out fit give away older version of very good software
click here

The trade off is they now have your E-mail and will be nagged to buy the latest.

If you are not used to using this type program - it can be a steep learning curve for some.

You could even use M/S Word by inserting images to the page- but a learning curve and imagination will be the order of the day for all
No program will 'just do it'

Try using Irfanview Thumbnails . This is a free download available from several sites.
(search for Irfanview)

  chub_tor 13:21 08 Oct 10

I don't know which version of Windows you are using but certainly in Vista and in 7 you can select the pictures you want, right click choose Print and on the slider at the side of the box that pops up the final one is contact print with up to 35 pictures on a page. No extra software needed but I am not sure if this feature is available for XP

  Woolwell 15:12 08 Oct 10

I'm not sure that I really understand what is required. Is each contact photo 70 x 45 mm and what is the size of the photo frame?

  jack 20:00 08 Oct 10

well said I overlooked godd old Irfan
This will indeed do the job.

  johnnyrocker 20:07 08 Oct 10

a friend of mine opens powerpoint then copy/pastes pics so she has a page full then prints it off? not sure if any use but there ya go


  woodchip 20:37 08 Oct 10

He wants to printer different pictures at the above size on one A4 page at the same time. Some included Printer Software lets you do this

  woodchip 20:41 08 Oct 10

Why not open your Photo editing Programs and open the pictures one by one, it should place these on top of each other. Can you not drag or resize these the Select all to show them as on page then choose print

  Dragon_Heart 21:22 08 Oct 10

I am using magnetic backed plastic photo frames which you can use as fridge magnets. Each photo must be 70 x 45 mm each.

Yes if you open something like e.g. Lotus Symphony you can bring say 8 photos / images onto the page and batch resize them but I was looking for a simple drag and drop solution due to the numbers I need to reproduce.

I will give Infanview a try, thank you folks !

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