speakers not working

  diesel1948 26 Mar 12

Have Dell Dimension 9200 and tried to put some speakers on it that are quite old, Creative Cambridge sound works FPS 1600 1 black connector and 1 green and plugged them in to same coloured holes on back of dell. There was loud power but would not play music or anything else. Put dell speakers back on and now they don't work. They just have 1 green connector and a USB. Anyone got any ideas what I have done wrong? Grateful for any advice. Terry.

  buteman 26 Mar 12

Not unless the black connector was supposed to plug into the back of the other speaker and the green one to the back of the computer.

  markd71 26 Mar 12

New sound card

  diesel1948 27 Mar 12

Mark the dell speakers were working before I tried to put creative speakers on so the must be sound card in.Buteman these dell speakers are very simple, 2 small speakers, 1 wire coming from right speaker to left and 2 wires coming from right green connection and usb connection. The computer says it is playing when I run test perhaps they are just done for. Sorry Mark did you mean sound card gone? Maybe that could be problem but would windows not recognise that?

  john bunyan 27 Mar 12


To check if it is the sound card, try headphones

  wee eddie 27 Mar 12

They probably need a Power Supply.

The Black one is very likely to connect to a SubWoofer.

  Batch 27 Mar 12

The FPS 1600 was a mains powered 4.1 system (four satellites and a sub-woofer).

The audio inputs were 2 x 2 channels (front pair and rear pair). The Front pair were a green jack and the rear pair a black jack. These connected to the sub-woofer which contained the amplifier, with outputs to the satellites by RCA type connectors.

I'm guessing the dell speakers are just stereo (hence the green jack), with the USB used to provide power.

What exactly did you connect the black jack on the FPS 1600 to? Without knowing this, it is difficult to know whether their is a chance that you have damaged something.

Alternatively, have you somehow turned one or more of the volume settings off / muted?


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