speakers not working

  filthpig 15:26 20 Feb 07

i have onboard 5.1 sound and i have speakers that support 5.1 but i cant get them all working at the same time
i have the sub woofer working with two of the speakers but i cant get them all working at the same time
any advice or info would be great thanks

  Jackcoms 15:39 20 Feb 07

Try Control Panel; Sounds & Audio Devices; Volume; Advanced.

Under Speaker Setup, choose 5.1 surround sound speakers

  filthpig 10:33 21 Feb 07

i dont think that this is the problem coz when i have the speakers working the sound is fine but when i try to plug in the other 2 the sound goes all funny and distorted
i think it may be a fault with the actual speakers but dunno

  wee eddie 13:06 21 Feb 07

Where on the PC are they connected?

Are they self powered?

  filthpig 19:49 21 Feb 07

yes the speakers are a matching set and yes they are self powered and they are connected into the audio port on the board the middle socket
(green one)
dunno if this is the right place

  Stuartli 20:31 21 Feb 07

Do you have Realtek onboard sound?

If so you will need to configure the Soundman panel for 5.1 sound, to ensure that the Line In and Line Out sockets are configured for 5.1 surround sound.

You need to match the surround sound configuration to that available from the sockets arrangement.

If you don't have Realtek, it will be very similar with other makes whether onboard or sound card type.

  filthpig 20:48 21 Feb 07

i do have onboard sound but i dont know what it is
i will see what the setting is in the sound properties

  woodchip 20:51 21 Feb 07

You may have faulty jack plugs on the speakers

  filthpig 09:05 22 Feb 07

i can get all the speakers to work but not at the same time only 2 of the smaller ones work with the sub woofer but i cant get the 4 to work at the same time with the woofer

  wee eddie 09:48 22 Feb 07

Just thinking that it could be a lack of power problem.

You mention a 5.1 system which is actually 6 speakers, and yet we appear to be speaking of a 4.1 System, maybe here lies the problem.

  Technotiger 10:01 22 Feb 07

Hi, trying to get things quite clear - on-board sound means built-in on the mobo. But do you also have a Sound-card fitted? If you have a sound-card fitted the on-board sound should be disabled in the BIOS. If no sound-card, make sure that on-board sound (A97 in the BIOS) is correctly configered. Also as mentioned by wee eddie - how many actual speakers in addition to the woofer do you have, 4 or 5? Again, if on-board sound can you update the drivers perhaps, on-line.

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