Speakers with no headphone output

  Craig.m 13:36 24 Mar 03

I have just bought a set of spealers and unfortunately there is no headphone jack (yes I know that defeats the point of buying speakers - like the kids to be headphoned). I have a Rage Pro 128 sound card and also the standard on-board connections but I find that there is only one actual sound output - from the card.

Should the on-board system output as well, if not how is it disabled and can it be enabled so I can connect the headphones to that output and turn speakers off so as to listen privately - well the kids anyway.

Suppose the moral is check the speakers before you buy them but they were the last pair and sounded pretty good at a good price.

Any ideas please


  DieSse 13:56 24 Mar 03

You get an adapter at most electronic-type shops, to give two output connectors from one socket.

  Bazz2000 15:30 24 Mar 03

Are the headphones plug and the speaker plug the same? mine are, if so just pull out the speaker and put the headphones in. You are only gonna be using one at a time.

  Craig.m 19:56 24 Mar 03

I was hoping you could run the on board to do the headphones and the audio card to run the speakers but it looks like the splitter adapter is the best idea. The disconnect speakers and plug in headphones idea is a good one but it takes half an hour to climb behind the pc to get to the connectors... hence the question

  graham 20:16 24 Mar 03

Take your headphones to a shop like Maplins and explain you want an extension lead, ie. one end male, the other female, so you can have access without going round the back of the PC.

  Djohn 20:33 24 Mar 03

Trust Computer products do exactly what you want, (I would imagine other company's do as well).

The one I have is a (Trust Multi-Media hub) £6-00, plugs into your speaker output on rear of PC, and the hub, Smaller than a mouse, sits on your desk. the hub has two inputs, one for speakers, and one for headphones, and on/off switch for speakers, and volume control for headphones.

I have found it to be the perfect solution to the same problem you have. J.

  Craig.m 14:03 10 Apr 03


Have looked into the Trust mutli media hub and it seems to be just the item I was looking for - am waiting for a local stockist to get one in. Price varies from 6GBP to 15GBP but the 6 has a 10 quid shipping charge, large variation in price but hopefully have one in locally next week.

Thanks for your help


  armageddon_outta_here 19:17 10 Apr 03

You want a audio splitter. About £1.99 -£2.99 from Maplin (I think)

  Belatucadrus 22:40 10 Apr 03

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