speakers dont work

  geordielouise 19:52 06 Jan 04

i have currently installed xp pro and my speakers dont seem to work i currently had windows me amd they worked alright with that what cud be the problem

  leo49 20:00 06 Jan 04

If you've a separate Soundcard in your PC[ie not onboard mobo sound],then perhaps the soundcard drivers need updating to an XP version.

  Terrahawk 20:03 06 Jan 04

have you checked the volume control go to control panel/sound and audio devices/audio tab volume failing that check your audio drivers are installed correctly control panel/ system /hardware /device manager/scroll down to sound video and game controllers is thier a circle with an exclamation mark i know the first sounds obvious but is a possibility with a new install

  TommyRed 20:04 06 Jan 04

Do your speakers plug into the mains? Is the green (or whatever colour) light on? TR

  geordielouise 20:21 06 Jan 04

i have tried all ya replies and they still dont work any mor suggestions

  Terrahawk 21:26 06 Jan 04


  woodchip 21:29 06 Jan 04

Have you a speaker icon in the system tray

  dave-jens 21:39 06 Jan 04

Have you checked your sound card via the Direct X Diagnostic tool?
Go to System info, tools, Direct X Diagnostic tool.
Check for sound and if it finds any problems.
Check the card/sound in Control Panel also.

  dave-jens 21:40 06 Jan 04

Is your name Louise and your from Newcastle?

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