speaker sound

  snoopygirl 21:57 10 Dec 07

hi my speakers on monter working fine but my other speakers are only working through the left speaker can any one help please

  RWest 22:46 10 Dec 07

I have a soundblaster card, and according to the start/ sound stuff/ etc and hardware

BUT it simply isn't recognised by windows - windows thinks there's no speaker at all. I've tried their help wizard but, as usual with these things, it's useless. is there some box somewhere I have to tick? The sound has worked until today. And in fact is still works for that synth sound effect - I forget what it's called; IDEM or some crap. This may be related to me putting soundblaster programs (on the installation CD) which seemed to have been left off by Cube - I want to trap incoming sound and they appear to have programs allowing this. It's another of these annoying things....

Help me get my sound back and continue with the next obstacle, please

  johnnyrocker 22:54 10 Dec 07

hijacking a post on this forum leads to confusion and unnecessary mails to the poster, if you wish help please start your own thread.


  Stuartli 23:45 10 Dec 07

You really need to be more specific about the problem...:-)

  RWest 17:06 11 Dec 07

... both queries are about speaker sound (or lack of it); someone who knows about one may well know about the other - why have multiple threads?

Snoopy - this may sound a bit obvious, but check the connections are right as usually the power goes to one (eg woofer) then to the others; a misplugged in cable will cause things not to work - I had the same thing with my 2.1 setup. Admittedly I cured it by trial and error - a better way is to look up the info about the sound card, see what the output sockets are, and reason it all out.

  snoopygirl 21:38 11 Dec 07

stuartli the speaker on monter is working fine the speakers i brought speplately are only working through one this has just happend in the last few days

  snoopygirl 21:53 11 Dec 07

thanks for your help eveybody i have put a new adaptor in and its fine now

  johnnyrocker 23:13 11 Dec 07

read my post again.


  woodchip 23:44 11 Dec 07

Duff Cable or one of the speakers, If it's cable it will be at the jack plug or speaker end, bad connection inside

  snoopygirl 16:30 12 Dec 07

woodchip what the best thing for me to do because its gone again thanks

  woodchip 16:31 12 Dec 07

What was it last time?

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