CASSEY 15:50 07 Nov 03

I have purchased an IONIX PW28000 with Creative Inspire 4.1 speakers and an NEC LCD1711M monitor, from Multivision.Unfortunately the 'unpacking and connecting' pamphlet they sent was for a different pc.
I am a complete novice so bear with me. I can only get 2 of the 4 speakers,plus the woofer, to work.
The cable from the woofer has a light green and a black jack, but where does the black one goin the back of the pc ? When I swop them over the jacks over the respective speakers work fine.

The only connections available are light green (one set of speakers), light blue(monitor) and pink (microphone). So where do I plug the black one ??
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  BurrWalnut 16:00 07 Nov 03

Black is usually the second Line Out. I guess your Audio Card or the on-board audio doesn't have provision for a second Line Out.

I don't know a great deal about this but I'm pretty sure you can buy a connector that the green and black both go into, to give you 4 spaeker output.

  jonnytub 16:02 07 Nov 03

The usual way is to plug the light green cable from your subwoofer into the pc and the rest of the speakers should plug into the subwoofer. Is there a hole for the black cable in the woofer???

  Peverelli 16:26 07 Nov 03

You will need a sound card with at least 2 line out sockets, as BurrWalnut has suggested. Buying a connector will allow you to hear all 4 speakers, but it won't be surround sound as the front speakers will be playing exactly the same as the back speakers.

You can get a SoundBlaster 4.1 Digital OEM for
?13.75 (inc VAT) from here:
click here

Check with Multivision as they could have sent you the wrong items.

  CASSEY 14:47 08 Nov 03

Thanks guys for the info. I have ordered a new souncard from Dabs, which should resolve the problem.

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