Spare 40G HD..want to use it to best advantage.

  Derek 05:36 16 Oct 03

XP Pro.
I would like to use it as a slave backup but when I've done this before in ME, I've had a few problems. Ghost, which I have, will transfer everything and perhaps this is where my past problems arise. I've never quite understood all the facilities of Ghost and perhaps someone could help me on this one, the image facility as an example.
Or, maybe I can just 'slave' the spare drive and fdisk it in such a way that it appears as a D drive which would allow Drag and Drop.
Another thought was to put a cradle in the tower front spare position and use the spare HD in that fashion by popping it in and out as required.

Thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

  MAJ 07:02 16 Oct 03

You can see how to use Ghost in these tutorials, Derek. click here
That would be a good way to go to ensure that you have a complete backup in case of a disaster with your main XP installation.
You could also, as you say, format the spare, (fdisk and format if it's a new drive) and use it as your D: drive for backing up files, using drag and drop.

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