spammers and viruses delight?

  end 11:55 18 Oct 04

no PCA all night, so someone has had a field -day pulling their hair out rebuilding their PC, running virus checks,spyware and adaware checks ,deleting programs,cursing that one e mail that looked innocent enough but has now seemingly created havoc on their machine as sites are unavailable,;
someone has rerouted their PCA address as their original one has got flawed,
someone has rechecked their hard drive for fatal errors ?how many times;
someone has thrown their PC and lappy out with the bath-water and the baby :(

and someone has gone to the car tool box to look for the spanner to chuck in the middle of the works and lost the kitchen sink on the way:)

  watchful 15:36 19 Oct 04

...and who is this someone? :o)

  end 16:34 19 Oct 04

am wondering which of the 150924 members will own up;
I chose to phone a friend, then take 50/50 then ask the audience ;
but no PCA to help get rid of that virus someone just happened to pick up on the way to reading that intriguing e mail ; and no link to click to download that all-important program to protect the computer::)))

  Easterner 17:57 20 Oct 04

It wasn’t me – honest. I don’t have a baby to throw out.

I haven’t managed to find a spanner either but if the guilty party wants to own up I can lend him (or her) a monkey wrench (had a terrible fight with monkey to get it). ;-)

  end 18:04 20 Oct 04

who has been messing with my ancestors then:)

and where is the virus that no one wants to admit to finding when the spammer hit :)

  Forum Editor 18:27 20 Oct 04

Maybe it should be in the Helproom.

  VoG II 22:10 20 Oct 04

I can only imagine that end went into panic mode when the PCA site was temporarily unavailable the other night.

I missed this because to improve my proficiency at answering questions correctly I am on a strict fish diet with early nights.

  Easterner 23:01 20 Oct 04

Thanks VoG™ that explains it - probably end's sense of humour about what could have happened.

Come out from under the table end we've got the joke :-)

  stalion 23:09 20 Oct 04

who is "early nights"?

  end 23:21 20 Oct 04

am staying under the table to keep clear of all the PC"s that come flying past with their hard drives rewritten in an attempt to get rid of the spam and viruses that they thought had invaded them ;

and vog;"panic mode"

but must follow your example of "early nights"..under my table:))

  Djohn 00:13 21 Oct 04

Knew it was just a temporary glitch with the server so sat and read my latest edition of PCA mag instead. ;o)

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