SpamCop stopping incoming email

  Keyhole 20:36 04 Sep 06

Something called SpamCop is stopping a friend's emails being received by my OneTel email address. I don't know what SpamCop is.

  spuds 20:55 04 Sep 06

All about SpamCop click here SpamCop click here

  Keyhole 16:39 23 Sep 06

Thank you, now I know what SpamCop is, but how can it be prevented from stopping friendly, nom-Spam emails? It seems to be bocking anything from Freeserve and fsnet addresses.

  Enoch 16:44 23 Sep 06

Delete SpamCop!!!

  silverous 17:27 23 Sep 06

You can't delete spamcop. What it appears to suggest is that either you (in which case you'd know so I suspect not you) or your ISP/Email provider is using spamcop to filter spam senders.

Your friend's IP address, or a range of IP addresses at his ISP have been listed on spamcop because they have received in their spam traps an email from those addresses.

Because so many freeserve addresses or any large ISP addresses will be zombie PCs used to send spam, or potentially due to being listed due to false reports (although I suspect that isn't common), they are often getting put on such services.

I would question why Onetel are using spamcop so aggressively. It isn't an exact science and spamcop should only really be used to indicate spam, not to drop it.

Freeserve have to request it to be unblocked I think is how it works.

  Enoch 18:04 23 Sep 06

silverous---point taken. I assumed that SpamCop was just another free programme that really did not work---------apologies for not checking before posting

  Keyhole 22:01 23 Sep 06

Thanks Siverous. I'll discuss with OneTel to see if they can help remove the block.

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