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spam, spam, spam

  cheekybaldy2 21:05 13 May 03

Dear all, Been getting on average three emails a day from different bloody foreigners asking if I will help in accessing bank accounts and dead peoples wills and other crap. I dont really know how to stop them. I heard that some of the anti spam programs can prevent your normal emails. I use BT Broadband. can anyone advise.

  Valvegrid 21:13 13 May 03

I had to smile at the title for your posting, it sounds like a line from Monty Pythons.

I use this program from MailWasher, you can look at your emails on the server before you download them, if you don't like what you see you can delete them and bounce 'em back to the sender telling them your email address don't exsist.
It seems to work on most, unless the email address has been spoofed. It costs about twenty quid if you want to buy it. The free version will only handle one account.

click here


  MartinT-B 21:37 13 May 03

Actually there's a contact at New Scotland Yard dedicated to dealing with span/fraud emails from African countries needing to hide their cash

Don't ask me the name as I'm not at work.

If you need it, post here and I'll post the contant name and email so you can forward to NSY :)

  VoG™ 21:55 13 May 03
  VoG™ 21:58 13 May 03

If you've got time on your hands you could try this approach (at your own risk!) click here

  -pops- 06:39 14 May 03

I nearly fell off my chair laughing:-)))))))))))))))


  hoverman 06:50 14 May 03

Feel yourself lucky only getting only around 3 spam e-mails a day. I have been getting anything up to 50 every day in recent weeks, despite using Mailwasher. As with you I am also with BT Broadband but up until Monday had only been using BT's Talk21 for email. I am now using the BTinternet account given when I upgraded to Broadband and am using their Email Protection Service to intercept spam - they found one on the very first day after informing all who needed to know of my new address. I will continue using Mailwasher to trap any that might get through the net.

  Andsome 08:40 14 May 03

I received 19 first thing this morning, and another three have arrived since. SPAM PAL takes great care of them for me.

  jospar 10:19 14 May 03

Heard of this one several years ago, all be it then it was done by letter and was many aimed at small business, at the time acording to the british police on average £25,000 had been stung from a individual, this was based calulation concerning the people who had come forward, they were sure that many more had been conned but were too embarest to come forward!

What amazes me is that what some people will do, this scam is purly based on GREED, and nothing else, the sums promised are so high it should sound alarms bells!

But I haven't had any e-mails of this type, only the loans and credit cards type, and these you can see straight through, and they make it clear that they going to get money out of you, just look at some of the interest charges!

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