Spam - Purpose?

  dewskit 20:35 23 Jan 04

I have installed SpamPal and it is doing a brilliant job of dumping most of the rubbish I get.
However, just out of curiosity, can anyone explain the purpose of the frequent messages which consist simply of a string of unconnected words?


  Big Elf 20:57 23 Jan 04

Possibly to try and bypass filters or message rules but have a html payload when the email is opened? Just a guess. I've wondered too.

  dewskit 21:03 23 Jan 04

Thanks Big Elf

I have Outlook Express set to accept Text only, so perhaps your guess is correct.

I will leave this open a bit longer and see if anyone had any definite information on this matter.

  spuds 00:12 24 Jan 04

Just a configuration of words etc to try and confuse your anti-spam programme.Spammers trying to get ahead of you and trying to break through your system of defence.

  dewskit 18:33 24 Jan 04

I have let this issue be resolved. Thanks to all those who sent information and ideas

  pwill 02:23 25 Jan 04

Whereabouts do you set Outlook Express for text only?

  Gaz 25 03:37 25 Jan 04


This is a simple HTML encryption isnt it?

Avaliable on

To make the text non detectable via spam sofwtare, but when displayed via HTML it displays normal.

Sly idiots to say the least!!!!!!

  dewskit 18:51 29 Jan 04


Tools; Options: Read: "Read all messages in plain text"

  pwill 19:02 29 Jan 04

Thanks for that I've set it so... recently I upgraded my mailwasher to pro version and have found this very good at telling me what it thinks is spam... what I noticed most is that what I'd thought were inocent circular type spam, is being marked as from a known spam origin source... devious?

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