SPAM problem cannot stop it HELP!

  BIGBAGGY 22:03 25 Apr 06

I am getting Spam emails that I cannot stop. They are coming to my domain name to 100s of different obviously made up names. They are coming from the same place but with different senders in and different subjects.
Normally I choose a word from the main letter and create a Message rule to delete it but the message seems to be a Picture and not text so this doesnt work.
Anyonw any idea how I can stop this crap.

  VoG II 22:09 25 Apr 06

Mailwasher click here delete, don't bounce.

  Belatucadrus 22:33 25 Apr 06

click here K9 spam filter.
click here Spamhilator spam filter.
click here Xterminator spam filter.


click here Thunderbird, email prog with built in spam filtration.

Should be something suitable there.

  terryf 23:31 25 Apr 06

Could you create a new account and delete the old one advising only those you want to know of the new account? Messy and a nuisance but.

  BIGBAGGY 11:38 26 Apr 06

Mailwasher was no good.
The trouble is Im getting 100s of these all addressed to a different name at my domain and all from a different person. Also the body of the message is not text but a pic with the text in it.
Terryf I may have to do what you suggest but I would prefer not to and it makes me angry that these bastards would then have won.

  nikef 11:41 26 Apr 06

no language please

  Belatucadrus 11:43 26 Apr 06

Can you set up a rule on your account where it rejects mail that isn't To or CC your full account name. It should cut out all stuff not specifically addressed to you.

  rawprawn 11:45 26 Apr 06

Change your email address, I did!!

  Aargh 11:53 26 Apr 06

I use MS Outlook and just add all spam to the junk email filter/blocked senders list, also use NIS2005 spam filter; nothing gets through that I don't want.

Problem is, your email address once sent is fair game to any spammers who get it from someone other than your self. Just keep busy with the filters.

  remind 12:18 26 Apr 06

If the images are .gif format, use a filter looking for the .gif header in the email, `R0lGOD` - just check headers of JPEG or BMP with a hex editor for other rules.

  Eric half-a-bee 12:32 26 Apr 06

I used to have Panada's Internet Secuirty (av, firewall, antispam) and nothing ever got through - when I stopped using it I was amazed to start getting dozens of spams a day that I'd been unawrae were being blocked. It's not free, but it is effective.

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