Spam from PC Advisor

  Varig 17:42 12 Aug 06

I thought PCA was top of the range mag and this helproom is very good.
So why do I get spam from PCA recommending crap software "PC Performance advisory"
Before it even started it detected the wrong OS and the wrong browser. Dont inspire confidence to me.

  VoG II 17:51 12 Aug 06
  Jimmy14 17:54 12 Aug 06

Go into your account of this website and unsubscribe to all newsletters. You are the one who must have selected to be mailed with all different kinds of newsletters especially ones of the kind you are telling us about.

  Varig 18:28 12 Aug 06

Thanks for the link VOG I will look back later see what FE has to say.
Jimmy14 yes I can do that of course but I opted to receive mail from a source that I trusted and did not expect this crap.
Keep a eye on VOGs link.


  Forum Editor 18:42 12 Aug 06
  Varig 22:11 12 Aug 06

Forget the French nonsense and tell us what is going
on. I cant send you a copy of the message because it wont let me.

  Forum Editor 22:19 12 Aug 06

I'm sorry, but you've lost me there.

What do you mean 'it' won't let you send me a copy of the email - what 'it' are you referring to?

Just forward the message to me at the address I gave you, and I'll take a look.

  VoG II 22:20 12 Aug 06

Which e-mail client do you use, Varig?

  rdave13 22:21 12 Aug 06

It seems obvious to me there is a thid party involved in this and will expect manure to hit the proverbial fan when the truth is out. A very serious situation I think.

  Varig 22:25 12 Aug 06

I thought this was a genuine help site but it is now apparent that this is not the case. You must BUY something or you are not wellcome

  VoG II 22:27 12 Aug 06

Tell us your e-mail client please. We can then tell you how to look at the header which will tell you where the mnessage *really* came from.

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