Spam Meaning?

  IMJD 19:39 28 Apr 03

Typical pub discussion.
What does Spam mean? Is it an acronym or has it been derived from the unpleasant product served up at school?

  spikeychris 19:43 28 Apr 03

"Specifically Persecuted Advertising Mail" it can also mean "Selective Promotion Advertising Mail".


  EmBeZzLeR 19:44 28 Apr 03

it stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages

  graham√ 19:49 28 Apr 03

I like Spam. Lots of other people do too, or it would very quickly cease production.

  spikeychris 19:55 28 Apr 03

Matrons coming, put the PC down and stay away from sharp objects...

  Falkyrn 20:09 28 Apr 03

Legend has it that it derived from the Monty Python sketch where basically the only thing on the menu was spam and you had to take it or leave it.

Whether that is an urban myth or not I don't know :)

  Ellie3009 20:19 28 Apr 03

I heard the thing about monty python too.
Spam spam spam spam... :o)

  graham√ 20:24 28 Apr 03


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