Spam Mail how do i fix it

  mark3986 18:40 PM 06 Dec 11

Hi my email address keeps sending emails to my contacts i think its called spam mail ive scanned comp with SUPER,MBAM,Spyware Blaster and AVG but its still not fixed it ive also changed my password but still not fixed

  Belatucadrus 19:31 PM 06 Dec 11

It looks like your e-mail address has been spoofed by a spammer, which means there's probably nothing wrong with your PC and the only answer may be to change your e-mail address as politely requesting they stop is unlikely to achieve much.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:31 PM 06 Dec 11

Are you sure your machine is doing the sending?

or may be someone has hijacked your email address (it happens to all of us at some poit or other)

  mark3986 20:00 PM 06 Dec 11

im not sure wot to hence why im asking ive changed my password and its still happening

  birdface 20:17 PM 06 Dec 11

Maybe have a read through this.

  birdface 20:28 PM 06 Dec 11


It will give you something to look at till you get the help that you need.

Plus go through all of your contacts and see if there is one there that you do not recognize and remove it.

  Woolwell 20:43 PM 06 Dec 11

Are you using webmail or an e-mail client like Outlook Express? Are there any e-mails in the sent box? If yes someone is hacking into your account or you have a virus. If no then they are probably spoof e-mails. Is it a hotmail account?


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