Spam in Gmail

  kimtrnc 12:48 19 Dec 10

I have used Gmail for many years, downloading automatically to my in-box. Gmail has always very successfully retained any spam without me ever having to see it. ( I do monitor from time to time, but it is very rare for Gmail to get it wrong)

Recently, I have had to give up XP, reluctantly upgraded to Win 7 (which I hate, by the way!) and therefore could no longer use Outlook Express.

I have been forced to use Windows Live Mail - not a bad program, really, but now all Spam is coming down to my in-box, so that I have to manually delete loads of stuff. Admittedly Gmail do categorise it as Spam, but it does still arrive.

Solution, suggestions, please?

Who knows the solution - I am sure there is one!

  gel 07:25 20 Dec 10

Why have you given up on Gmail?
Regarding spam on gmail I know it deletes after 30 days but I look each day quickly to see if there are any emails which are not spam and then I delete all spam on a daily basis

  bremner 07:44 20 Dec 10

In WLM is there a setting to automatically delete spam.

  kimtrnc 10:41 20 Dec 10

Gel - it used to be that I never even saw the spam, unless I wanted to go onto Gmail and check for myself. Now I get at least 30 spam messages per day, and then have to manually delete them.
I don't understand what is different

  gel 12:06 20 Dec 10

Perhaps the difference is that although I have Windows 7 I do not use WLM and only see Gmail direct
I have been using gmail about 6 years and the amount of spam in recent months has lessened , although I still get about 30 per day

  kimtrnc 10:15 02 Jan 11

Still getting loads of spam emails. someone said there is a setting to ban these, but I can't find it, and it's maddening - when I was using OE I never even saw the spam. Must be some way of stopping it, surely?

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