Spam Emails from "Adriana"

  RegScriv 21:31 20 Apr 13

I get almost daily spam emails from someone purporting to be "Adriana". Is would appear this is a well known spam source. It's been going on for months and I've tried unsuccessfully all methods I can find to block them. The mailing address continually rotates a string of spurious letters, so each one gets passed the previous block. There must be a way of stopping these. Please, can anyone help.

  Devil Fish 00:03 21 Apr 13

first and foremost never reply as it shows your email account is active unfortunatlly if they change the string each time their is not a lot you can do unless your email account can block specific words others may be able to help you on this

  theDarkness 00:30 21 Apr 13

Adriana wont leave me alone-she's been mailing you too? Hmmm... !! I am pretty sure much of the spam emails I now get are related to the yahoo groups I used to use aeons ago, but its impossible to tell where it (or 'adriana') got my account info from. If you start getting far too many (I have one account with 10+ spam messages per day), aside from auto blocking the emails to a spam folder, there is only one solution, and that is to finally start a new email address. again!

  morddwyd 09:14 21 Apr 13

You need a half decent spam filter.

I don't just hear from Ariana almost daily, but two or three times a day. However they are automatically routed to my spam folder and deleted automatically.

The same happens with my regular e-mails from Jennifer Aliston, and my invitations to view Reese Witherspoon's bedroom webcam!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:35 21 Apr 13

view Reese Witherspoon's bedroom webcam!

Am I doing something wrong? I don't get any spam like that ;0(

In fact I don't get any spam at all

My Orange (EE) account filters it all and my gmail account is monitored by using spamhiator.

  BT 10:53 21 Apr 13

I have just the opposite problem. The online spam filter on Virgin Mail stops lots of things that I wish it wouldn't. It seems to be somewhat random in its choices and will let things through from particular senders sometimes and sometimes not. There doesn't seem to be any way to modify its actions.

  wee eddie 11:01 21 Apr 13

Having once missed an important message because it was identified as Spam, I no longer rely on my Spam Filter.

However it is a matter of moments to click everything I immediately identify and send it to the Spam Folder. A few seconds more, for a second check, and I am left with those I wish to read.

  spuds 11:39 21 Apr 13

Its a case that you win some or lose some, and that mostly depends on the spam filter (if any) are in operation.

I use to have and use Mailwasher and K9 as my line of defence, but now I use the ISP's own devices which seem to work fairly well. In my case it would just be a simple action of putting 'Adriana' in the spam box, then clicking on a response information and future rejection button. Job done!.

  RegScriv 14:18 21 Apr 13

OK. Thanks guys. Maybe l'll look at Mailwasher

  morddwyd 19:13 21 Apr 13

"view Reese Witherspoon's bedroom webcam!

Am I doing something wrong? I don't get any spam like that ;0("

Horses for courses. old boy.

Nigerian financiers target those who have plenty of money, Reese Witherspoon targets those with ...........!

  MissAnon 10:33 23 Apr 13

I get these everyday and sometimes on multiple email accounts which has freaked me out. How is this possible? I mean I use these email addresses for completely different things. I'm worried they're spying on me or something. :-/

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