Kernow999 19:58 06 Feb 04

Over the last couple of days I have received about 30 e-mails that have my address on them with a different name before the @ part. I have not opened any. What can I do, please?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:03 06 Feb 04

Get mailwasher from click here and it will delete the spam of your server before you download it. Sadly, there is little you can do to be rid of it. Do a search for spam in these pages and you will find lots of info.

  Kernow999 21:09 06 Feb 04

Thanks buddy,

I did the search after I posted. Loads of info. No definitive answer, sadly, as there isn't one!

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.


  Border View 21:09 06 Feb 04

Set up a message rule that states only accept e-mails for your specific e-mail address and delete all others at the server. It has worked for 98 percent of all spam for me.

  Kernow999 21:18 06 Feb 04

Wow, sounds good. How?? Please?

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