sp3 installation

  bert52a 17:21 03 Dec 05

when i try to install the latet update sp3 windows asks for the cd-rom installation disc but My laptop came without cd's as it was pre-installed.
Prior to this update I wasn't asked for the cd .
and updates installed without a problem.
My laptop has xp home edition and I wonder if that could be causing the problem.The error message tells me to look for a file called PRO.MSI but I can't find it .I did find a microsoft page about this error but when I tried the solution offered it made no difference- it said there was an option which allowed updates to be done without the cd- I chose it but still got no result.

  Skyver 17:35 03 Dec 05

Are you sure you are not referring to Service Pack 2?
There is no SP3 available yet for Windows XP, to the best of my knowledge. If you mean the `unofficial` one, Microsoft recommend you steer clear of it.

  ade.h 17:49 03 Dec 05

Or an Office service pack?

  Stuartli 18:12 03 Dec 05

Windows updates and security updates issued after the release of SP2 in August 2004 are individually tagged SP3.

Any reference to Service Pack SP3 will (almost certainly) be applicable to Office 2000 and Office XP. See:

click here and click here

If you download the latest version of Belarc Advisor it lists SP3 updates in Windows and also, because of new US regulations, increased concentration on security issues and missing Hotfixes/updates using the monthly MS Security Bulletin releases. See:

click here

  bert52a 19:17 03 Dec 05

sorry my mistake itis an office xp update.
I'm not sure what belarc advisor will do?

  ade.h 19:30 03 Dec 05

I can't speak about Office XP but Office 2000 requires the CDs to be inserted when installing any update that re-configures the installation. If your laptop came with a full version (including OEM versions) of Office, you should have been supplied with CDs for it. Assuming that the laptop came with a restore CD of some kind, is it a Windows restore CD or does it contain a streamline of all the pre-installed software? I would try inserting this disc when prompted, just to see if Office is on there. This depends on whether the disc is labelled Microsoft (in which case, it's probably just a Windows CD) or has the laptop manufacturer's name on it.

  bert52a 19:42 03 Dec 05

bought the laptop from Dell-there were no cd's with it.Bought it about 18 months ago.

  anskyber 19:48 03 Dec 05

Belarc very useful click here

  anskyber 19:50 03 Dec 05

Sorry Stuartli I did not spot you have already linked Belarc.

  ade.h 20:09 03 Dec 05

No CDs?! Well, I hope you never have need to re-install Windows.

  bert52a 20:31 03 Dec 05

but why would dell not include these?

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