BIGXXH 14:11 18 Feb 09

Could any body tell the reason why my computer will not allow me to set up the orange modem that i was supplied with, it keeps tellig me that it wont install it because i have (SP3 ON THE COMPUTER)has anybody had the same problem,

Thanks in Advance

  Terry Brown 14:19 18 Feb 09

It could be a Firewall problem as SP3 has higher settings than SP2.
I suggest you contact Orange for advice.

  brundle 15:16 18 Feb 09

Make and model of modem please - is it a Livebox?

  brundle 15:16 18 Feb 09

Ethernet or USB connection?

  BIGXXH 15:23 18 Feb 09

Thanks for the quick reply it is a livebox and the name on it is (inventel)and it is a usb connection.

Thanks Once Again

  brundle 15:31 18 Feb 09

I would strongly advise you to use the ethernet connection instead, seeing as it's designed for the job of networking but if that's not an option then so be it.

It's the software for the USB element that's causing the problem (again, an ethernet connection wouldn't need specific drivers for the Livebox, solving the problem). None of the links to Livebox software on the Orange site either a; work b; offer anything other than the bog-standard CD downloads

Do you actually see an error message referring to SP2? Or does the installer CD just stop working? I recall the very early versions used to just hang if Flashplayer 9 was installed on the PC - the CD expected an earlier version.

  BIGXXH 15:57 18 Feb 09

All it says on the screen is that it cannot install as there is SP3 installed on computer and then it wont allow me to go any futher,I don't want to have to uninstall SP3 as it's such a pain and a long install.

Thanks Again

  brundle 16:55 18 Feb 09

I've not seen that before, and can't find any reference to it elsewhere using Google...

Try right clicking the CD drive in My Computer, select Explorer, locate Setup.exe and select Compatibility mode. click here

Try Windows 2000, then 98 if that doesn't work. Other than that, change to ethernet connection and you won't have to bother "installing" anything for a direct connection to the Livebox.

  brundle 16:59 18 Feb 09

Select "Explore", is what I meant...

  BIGXXH 11:08 19 Feb 09


Thanks a lot for your time very much welcome will try erthernet connection and see how it goes.

Thanks Again

  peter99co 11:24 20 Feb 09

Any progress?

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