SP2 CD Available Now

In this months PC Gamer magazine ( i bought the DVD edition) there is the microsoft SP2 CD included. October Edition of the magazine.

Hope that helps some people with dial up!!

  anchor 14:02 08 Sep 04

I understand that a number of PC magazines intend to include it very soon with their free CD`s. Alternatively, it can be ordered directly from Microsoft.

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Ummmm yes, several magazines including PC Advisor intend to include it in November edition due out at the end of the month. And yes you can order it from microsoft with circa 4 week delivery.

Just though some eager beavers would like to know that you could get the CD today, immediately without delay, without an 'intention' to include it.

  spuds 17:23 08 Sep 04

On-line order for SP2 from Microsoft direct is taking about eight days for delivery.

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