SoundBlaster question

  daisy2bell 23:19 21 Sep 04

On my old pre-installed SoundBlaster, there was a "sound Recorder"

I have just bought and installed "SoundBlaster Audigy LS" and it has not got a sound recorder.
Is there anything in Audigy that I can use as a recorder?

  LastChip 23:38 21 Sep 04

Is a Windows utility often found in Start; Programs; Accessories; Entertainment.

Is that what you mean?

  tony-guitar 23:46 21 Sep 04

I've got the older 'soundblaster live 5.1' and this has the 'creative recorder' which was installed along with the soundcard's software.Its basic, but works well, giving me the much needed line-in facility.I'd be surprised if there wasn't something similar(better!)

  britto 00:08 22 Sep 04

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I think recorder has to be selected when you install the software and drivers from the setup disc.

  britto 00:11 22 Sep 04

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