soundblaster MP3+ installation query

  carlos 20:05 03 Feb 04

Fed up with rooting at the back of my PC(WinXP) to plug in headphones/external speakers, so bought above device. Can't install until w'end but, as the instructions don't mention anything re existing( PCI) soundcard eg disable, would be most grateful for any advice. Soundblaster MP3+ is USB connection.Will there be conflicts?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:59 03 Feb 04

I am not familiar with this sound card, but would suggest that you uninstall the PCI sound card before installing another one. Remove from the device manager, shutdown, and reomove the card. Then install the new one, startup and install the drivers etc.

  terendak_uk 07:58 04 Feb 04

I agree, that's the usual procedure and clearly stated in all sound cards I've bought as upgrades to date, yet this external device doesn't state anything re this in the instructions( unusually, even for Creative). I haven't even found anything on their website either. Ah, well. Looks like I'll have to do it as this is the logical path. Cheers

  terendak_uk 08:00 04 Feb 04

I changed my "handle" from Carlos to Terendak

  terendak_uk 19:49 05 Feb 04

silly me. Just unplug the speaker input jack from the PCI soundcard and plug it into the external...voila!

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