sound style problem

  Ramification 22:05 01 Jul 04

this is silly. by brother changed the sound style somehow and the sound played back from music etc now has an echo like a 'orchestra' setting style or something. i cant find the setting anywhere. please help me restore the properties back to normal. have XP. Thanks

  Ramification 22:18 01 Jul 04

come on guys! please

  sedgi 22:59 01 Jul 04

look on the bottom bar on your desktop, do you have an icon for sound settings?

  Totally-braindead 23:18 01 Jul 04

What sort of sound card do you have, is it onboard or is it a seperate sound card and do you know if theres any sort of sound software installed that your bro could have altered.

  Ramification 23:51 01 Jul 04

C media audio configuration is installed and showing on bottom right. nothing there except vol and output type. the sound works fine its just that the 'style' is odd.. like theres an echo. he thinks it was a selection menu of 'styles' like hall, room, concert etc. do you know where that is

  sedgi 00:06 02 Jul 04

try a right hand click on the icon, there should be a setting list, Pop/ Rock/ Hall/ etc.

  sedgi 00:10 02 Jul 04

Trying to remember, my sister done the same thing to my mums some time ago, the only thing is I`ve got a different system.It will come to me soon.

  Ramification 09:52 02 Jul 04

when i right click theres no option for this. cheers

  Ramification 20:23 02 Jul 04

hey sedgi, you remembered yet? or anyone else any ideas?

  sedgi 14:54 05 Jul 04

Sorry can`t remember but click here this might help.

  Ramification 16:22 05 Jul 04

thanks for that link.
i have unistalled and re installed the driver. done the job.

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