Sound from Speakers but not from Monitor

  kumarisblue 19:43 19 Jul 06

Can anyone tell me why there is no sound coming from the speakers on my mionitor, but when I plug a set of speakers in it works ok?????? Thanks :-)

  Jackcoms 19:50 19 Jul 06

Faulty/loose sound cable from monitor to tower?

  johnnyrocker 19:58 19 Jul 06

or no cables at all?


  kumarisblue 20:03 19 Jul 06

Yes all cables are attched...there are none loose...but I suppose they could be faulty???

  johnnyrocker 21:31 19 Jul 06

doubt it if two of them, look for a common cause.


  Diemmess 22:10 19 Jul 06

Its an either/or situation?

If you want quality sound plug your speakers into the sound card.

Alternatively you do without separate speakers, clear the deskspace, and plug in the monitor speakers instead.

Normally there's no way to use both at one time........ or have I got it wrong?

  terryf 01:04 20 Jul 06

Go to control panel>sounds and audio devices and set up your speakers there, as Diemmess says you can have one or the other, not both unless you go in for a full surround sound scheme and you are then in a different ballpark, because of feedback when I use my webcam, I have sound set to output to a usb headset and so no sounds in the speakers

  keef66 09:04 20 Jul 06

are we talking about the kind of built-in speakers you get with some TFT screens, or the ungainly things which clip on to the sides of older packard-Bell monitors.

If it's the latter, have you got the power lead plugged into them too? (can't remember if it comes from the monitor or the pc tower)
Also, do the speakers have their own on/off switch, or a volume control knob which need fiddling with?

If the tft type, someone else will have to comment; mine doesn't have speakers.



  jack 14:09 20 Jul 06

It is I suspect an either or thing.
My lovely Phillips 190X6 has built in speakers. Got onto the sound outlet via a double with the other side going to the normal amplified speakers. but no way will the Monitor squawkers work.
So simply ignore them - I have mine

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