Sound recording

  bovthedog 15:03 22 Feb 08

I'm using Windows Sound Recorder to record vinyl to my PC (XP SP2 with AsRock mobo with onboard C-Media sound). I'm using the tape recorder REC output (150mV/2.2kohm) on my amp into the line-in connection on my PC. When the Sound Recorder is set to record I can hear the sound ok through my PC BUT there is very low sound level on the scope and on playback, as though input is too low (even with line-in volume set to max).
When connected to the mic input, sound level is too high volume cannot be adjusted.
I've trawled the previous threads on this but none helped.

  bovthedog 15:05 22 Feb 08

Sorry that should read I'm using the Amp REC output.

  eedcam 15:12 22 Feb 08

Window sound recorder you might be better choosing Audacity which is free just google it.
Inline volume control is not the same as inline recording control what level is that set at .Or did you mean record control

  bovthedog 15:34 22 Feb 08

I have the line-in recording volume control set to max.
Strangely there is no mic recording control so I can't adjust this.
IMO there is a mismatch between the amp output and PC line-in (no info on this) so I'll have to boost the input signal by pre-amp or alternatively increase the output from the record player and plug that straight into the PC line-in.

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