sound recorder

  khops 21:25 23 Oct 03

does anyone know where i can find the sound recorder program.i have just installed ME and cannot find it.i have even reinstalled ME just in case i missed it on the first load up

  Simon_P 21:31 23 Oct 03

That it is in
Start menu/accsessories/entertainment/sound recorder in ME

  BarryKeith 21:31 23 Oct 03

Have a look in "Accessories, Entertainment" I am not sure whether that is the right name for it, may be "Multimedia" or something similar, but you should find it there.

  The Spires 21:32 23 Oct 03

Do a search in Windows for sndrec32 it may be in System32 in ME and make a shortcut to it.

  khops 21:43 23 Oct 03

i have run a search for sound recorder but no results

  britto 22:43 23 Oct 03

sndrec32 is in the windows folder on this comp ME
only 108kb if you want it mailing.

  ©®@$ђ 22:47 23 Oct 03

If you can't find sndrec32.exe then go Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs |
Windows Setup | Multimedia | Details and towards the bottom of the list you'll
find "Sound Recorder", check it, apply, and exit out. If already checked but
sndrec32.exe is missing, uncheck the "Sound Recorder" entry, Apply, back out,
possibly reboot, and then repeat but this time checking "Sound Recorder", Apply
and hopefully it will be reinstalled.

  khops 23:51 23 Oct 03

thank you ©®@$ђ it was in there i just didn't go far enough and thaks to all for your help

  ©®@$ђ 23:56 23 Oct 03

your welcome

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