Sound problems?

  montyburns 22:16 20 Jul 03

I have a PC World/Dixons type PC (eMachines 770) with "Avance AC97 Audio" driver. The speakers that came with this were crap, so we've updated to an Altec Lansing system with a sub-woofer thingey.....

This is TONS better, but the sound is still very difficult to control. I like to listen to CDs while I am using the PC, but still find that, even after fiddling with equaliser settings etc, that vocals are weak and the sound settings "come and go"

Any ideas anyone (just don't tell me that the PC is crap, or the soundcard is crap, or the speakers are crap..........)

  davidg_richmond 22:26 20 Jul 03

Check that your sound card is not set to surround, both in Windows settings and the driver settings (you may have an icon in the system tray for this or in Control Panel). Tell it you have desktop speakers in stereo, and make sure the soundcard is set the same.

  woodchip 22:37 20 Jul 03

Your sound is on the motherboard I have AC97 and mine's OK but it's a SIS chipset

  woodchip 22:39 20 Jul 03

PS try the Speaker plug in the front of the CD player if it will go, in the little jack socket

  montyburns 19:13 21 Jul 03

I had got the system set to surround, as I have a sub-woofer and assumed this was necessary.

I tried it with all settings set to stereo desktop speakers. Woofer is woofing, but the sound still seems to be wavering..........

  woodchip 20:10 21 Jul 03

Will it fit in the earphone socket on the CD drive as the speakers are self amplified

  montyburns 18:07 22 Jul 03

Tried plugging it into the front, and the sound is still "weak, echo-ey and with weak vocals"

I might just have to give up and accept that sound thru PCs is doomed to be crap - shame really as the speakers are great........

  Podsville 22:00 22 Jul 03

I read somewhere and logged it in the darker reaches of my shrivled up walnut that if you have a "line out socket its best to plug your speakers into that as opposed to the speaker out socket.
Good luck and maybe listening.

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