Sound Playback distortion

  wrg 13:51 03 Jul 06

Hi I wonder if anyone can help.
I have a Dell Dimension PC. I am having a problem with the sound on it. When it boots up the windows music is distorted. If I play a CD or DVD the sound sometimes distorts (ie like a jumpy sound). I have tried speakers that I know work and it still does the same. Even more confusing If I am playing a CD and I go to open up a file or try to go on the internet the distortion gets worse not only that the music slows right down whilst it is trying to open up whatever I am trying to open & once open the music returns to its normal speed but still sometimes distorts.

Any help would be greatly apprecieated.



  woodchip 14:04 03 Jul 06

Sounds like lack of memory, Or needs the Hard drive trash clearing and defrag

  Diemmess 14:04 03 Jul 06

The trouble seems to me to be either a software (corrupted drivers)or hardware failing, which is rare.

If the sound is integrated or indeed if there is a separate card, and you have the installation CD then you can try removing the drivers and re-installing.

Distorted sound will always sound messy, however good/bad the speakers. The fact that Windows opening screen is poor too, points a finger at the sound section, card or integrated on the mobo.

  Diemmess 15:29 03 Jul 06

[ Diemmess Thanks for your reply. I think I have tested the card. I did a diagnostics check on the card. It tested each speaker individually and there was no distortion and it did not report any faults. When I checked the drivers and hardware it states that all are working properly. I tried to roll back the drivers but it would not let me. I am pretty sure it is an intergrated soundcard. wrg ]
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  wrg 15:33 03 Jul 06


Fairly new to this. What do you mean by panel name ?.

  woodchip 16:00 03 Jul 06

To clear trash, Go to Windows Explorer\Windows Folder\Temp folder clear it all out, Depending how old you OS if Win98 or ME in the same folder go up to Cookies and clear them all out. Also after that if as above for OS the put your Windows CD in the Computer and in the Run box typ SFC and run the program, if WinXP then in Run Box type SFC /SCANNOW and run the program

  Diemmess 21:41 03 Jul 06

I AM the one who should apologise! where I got that name from .... ???
You're doing it correctly, as shown by your second post.
I meant by "panel name", your forum name "wrg"

This extra and late post helps bump your thread back into the forum.
Have you managed to cure anything yet?

  wrg 09:51 04 Jul 06


Not cured it yet. I tried Woodchips suggestion first to no avail. My Dell does have a driver repair tool, I tried this and it still did not work. Trouble is I am unsure how to delete the drivers and re-install. I do have the OS disk for Dell, I created it on a DVD when I got the system last year but I cannot see the section for the drivers. The problem is not only with CD's but also with DVD's.

  Stuartli 09:55 04 Jul 06

Have you checked that onboard sound is Enabled in the Bios or, if you have a separate sound card, that the onboard sound is Disabled?

  wrg 10:04 04 Jul 06


Thanks for your response.
I have not checked this. I am pretty sure its an intergrated sound card. If this is the case do I then need to check that it is enabled in the BIOS ?.

  Diemmess 11:03 04 Jul 06

The fact that Windows' own sounds, the CD and DVD ALL suffer, simplifies the problem (in my opinion).
The fault must be in the sound amplifier system in the computer itself.

It is almost certain that it is integrated with the motherboard. If you feel up to removing a panel so that you can see for yourself then notice where the appropriate sockets go.

If their connections disappear into the motherboard - thats integrated.

If they are part of a card which itself plugs into the motherboard then you have a separate sound card.

As Stuartli says, it is then worth looking in the BIOS to see whether it matches what should be there.

You seem to have the necessary drivers disk so I feel you have nothing to lose by removing the Sound Drivers in Control Panel > System > Hardware.
When you reboot, the computer will either find its own drivers or ask for the CD with them on.

If this goes the way you hope it should be the end of the problem, but if not it may be you need a new sound card..... though they rarely go wrong

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