sound - no adjustment!

  charisma 20:53 14 Oct 03

I'm running XP Professional on HP Pavilion 7915. Problem I have is no sound adjustment. Everything plays fine, CD's, line -in etc., but the speake " mute" won't mute! Neither will the sliders make any difference to volume. I can adjust the volume only on the "WAVE" slider. All the sliders move up and down OK but make no difference. Any ideas out there.

  kingkenny 23:35 14 Oct 03

will bump this for you, someone may know :)

  woodchip 23:44 14 Oct 03

Try some new Sound Drivers

  keith-236785 23:55 14 Oct 03

forgive me for the obvious but have you got the speakers in the right socket and are the speakers OK?

only other thing that springs to mind (apart from new drivers as already suggested) is that another application could be controlling the volume settings ie windows media player, quicktime etc.

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