Sound Level Flutuating

  sulley 17:06 07 Jan 03
  sulley 17:06 07 Jan 03

Sometimes the volume of music being played through either real player or windows media player flutuates wildly, changing every few seconds. I haven't got a clue whether this is a hardware problem or software conflict and because it doesn't happen all the time makes it more confusing.
I've got a Audigy soundcard running on XP.


  graham 17:18 07 Jan 03

Any flautists to help sulley?

  AndySD 17:22 07 Jan 03

Try turning off the visualisations and see if it still happens

  sulley 17:32 07 Jan 03

already tried that. no change

  sulley 17:59 07 Jan 03


  AndySD 18:04 07 Jan 03

How much ram have you got?

  sulley 22:48 07 Jan 03

512mb RAM.
Anyone on tonight with any ideas?

  sulley 01:19 08 Jan 03

can anyone help??

  jazzypop 01:22 08 Jan 03

Does it happen when you play a conventional music CD?

Do you have any effects enabled in the Audigy EAX settings?

  powerless 01:22 08 Jan 03

CD or stored MP3's .wavs etc?

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