Sound Keeps Stuttering???

  Sunny-275842 23:17 15 May 03

for some strange reason my sound, (while playing mp3s and running films of cd rom) the sound stutters and when loading up things my sound stutters till its like its stoped.

i reinstalled the sound card drivers, reinstalled XP and its still there!

why does it stutter?



  hugh-265156 23:40 15 May 03

if you buy dvds and cd normally this does not happen.

  Steve N 00:30 16 May 03

I have a similar problem. My Creative 1210E CDRW drive could play CD fine about a week ago but now it stutters real bad unless i turn error correction on for the digital playback in Media Player 9.

My DVD Drive plays them fine.

Ill be watching this thread with interest

  BBez 07:22 16 May 03

check your DirectX doesn't have any problems. You can do this by going to Start, Run then in the box that pops up type "dxdiag" without the quotes then run all tests under the sound and music tabs. If you don't already have it, download DirectX 9.0 if you are using Media Player 9.0.

  Tog 07:47 16 May 03

DO you have any AV software running in the background?

  Sunny-275842 09:48 16 May 03

my DX8.1 says everything is fine done testings the lot (sound and music tabs only) and it works it happends when i listen to mp3s on Winamp and befor 2 days ago it was fine and i have done nothing to my PC. but i have changed the cabels cus ive been modding it but other then that i only unplugged cables and plugged them bk to its original place where it should be.

I always have AV running in background, that never affected it cause i always done it no problems, i dont use WMP9.0 i only use it to watch movies and stuff thats it other then that its winamp i use most of the time.

befor that happend my hdd is running really slow to, slower then befor! i got a 60Gb hdd (i think it runns at 5400rpm?!) that is real slow but i was thinking a while ago (i posted a thread on what hdd to get) and i still aint got one. may be its the hdd?




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