sound on graphics card

  cutie 11:28 06 Mar 04

hi all

installed my graphics card all worked perfect went to use it last night to watch on tv i couldnt get the sound to transfer to the tv have done it the way i always did have checked volume controls and such but no sound comes thro tv just keeps on coming thro pc speakers any ideas thanks


  pinka 12:10 06 Mar 04

i think youll find youll have to send the sound through your sound card to the tv with audio leads, this is what i had to do with my old ti4200.

  hugh-265156 12:22 06 Mar 04

as pinka above.

from your graphics card to your tv you should have a yellow plug(either svideo or composite)this is for picture only.

you need to feed the sound from your sound card to the tv and white phono plugs.

in all you need three plugs if connecting to a telly.

1 for picture

2 for sound

  hugh-265156 12:25 06 Mar 04

you can get a scart adapter that all three of these plug into and then just whack that in the back of the here for pic.

  BIG ben strikes again!!! 13:03 06 Mar 04

but are u sure he/she should whack it in?lol

  hugh-265156 13:09 06 Mar 04

if you had my telly you would understand lol!

gently does it then :-)

  BIG ben strikes again!!! 13:23 06 Mar 04

the only thing i have to whack in would be mouse.mind you there is toffee in the ps/2 slot.i dont know how toffee got there .lol.

  cutie 17:22 06 Mar 04

i have all the connectors red and white for sound and s video for picture

  hugh-265156 17:26 06 Mar 04

are you sure the 3mm audio jack end of the red and white phono lead is in the soundcard line output socket?

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