sound gone of

  dawn2557 12:39 25 Sep 07

how do i get sound back, when i switched on this morning i got no sound, i have no idea what i am doing so make answer very simple speaker light is on and turned up but there is no sound. thanks

  Seth Haniel 12:41 25 Sep 07

bottom right of screen - if speaker item there double click and make sure that they have ther levels set ok there and are not muted

  dawn2557 13:10 25 Sep 07

all sound on still no response

  Seth Haniel 13:29 25 Sep 07

your PC - could just be a glitch and driver not installed -

  eedcam 13:47 25 Sep 07

Have you just done a windows update this can sometimes cause it . Whether you have or not try system restore

I know it sounds silly, but have you checked the connections from your computer to the speakers? are they in the right sockets? are the speakers switched on? is there a light on them? can you hear a click through them when you switch them on? can you use headphones? and can you hear sound? if you can the sound card is working, and the fault lies somewhere else.

  dawn2557 14:23 25 Sep 07

all plugs in right place every thing working but still no sound lost some progams as well does this mean i have to buy a new disc to get sound or is there a program i can run to re install sound

  Belatucadrus 14:56 25 Sep 07

Have you tried System Restore ?

Tell us what PC you've got as if it's a driver problem, we can then point you to the appropriate website to download new ones.

You also say you've lost some programs, what's gone missing as spontaneous software uninstall is rather unusual ?

  dawn2557 16:14 25 Sep 07

intel inside celeron i am on windows 2000, sorry i am so crap at this

  dawn2557 16:17 25 Sep 07

how do i system restore

  Belatucadrus 16:27 25 Sep 07

W2000 doesn't have a System Restore, so we can scrap that idea.

Unfortunately Intel inside Celeron only gives us a vague idea as to what type of CPU chip your PC has and unfortunately that doesn't help. Is there any other identification on the case, a brand and model number would be of most use ?

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